Sunday, January 23, 2011

Belated Xmas Pics

FINALLY done with studies and now I can post allllllll of the pictures I've been trying to get on here.
These here are our Xmas pictures from NewYear's Day (last year and this year we celebrated Christmas on Jan 1st so that my in-laws can be with us). Weird I know - when it comes to holidays (except for Passover) we don't usually observe them on their correct day =D

This is for the Wii Championship - I wonder if this will become an olympic sport ... hmm
virtural competition - I wonder what the uniforms will be?

Opening of the gifts - no matter how old the kids are ... they get sooo excited!
We even "Tevoed" the holdiay fireplace so that it would feel "Christmassy"

                         Princess FINALLY got her penquin pillow pet - she was soooo happy

These guys got their treats and took a nap
toooo cute =D

Santa Bobby *LOL*

My Holiday Dinner
New dishes (Better Homes from Walmart = 2 sets for $25)

Good food and great confersation
I love LoVe LOOOOOVE being with my family =D

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