Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Around The Garden

This week we got a slight cold-snap (and a snow flurry -YES IN PHOENIX- I ended up trying to call my Mr instead of taking a picture - what was I thinking ;p ) and ended up freezing a few things =( But luckily I took some pictures last week to show you how the garden is doing.
This is my parsley plant and he is doing really well - but I think I'm going to lose yet another basil plant though. I lost 1 strawberry plant but the other is fine (with no fruit) and my mint is going bizzerk!

Check out my orange tree! He is brim full of oranges. We had to pick them and ended up with 3 1/2 grocery bags FULL of organges - that is just craaazy! While my poor lemon tree looks like Charlie Brown's christmas tree with only a few leaves on it and no fruit.

Here is how the veggie garden is doing.

These leaves are bigger than my hand! =D

My spinach! The carrots and onion are also coming along nicely - yea  : D

 And my super duper yummy salad. Nothing and I mean nothing ever taste as good as fresh food.

My beets - I love eating the leaves ;p Yummy yum!!
And these sad lings are my tomatoe plants - this year I moved them to the other side of the garden box but they just DO NOT like it there - so I might need to move them over. They do have a few flowers but I should have been knee high it pasta sauce by now.

I can say the same thing about my pea plant too.

These new bell pepper plants are a gift from my neighbor.
My beautiful, beautiful roses.

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