Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome To Our Christmas Haven

Welcome back everyone! I am participating in Between Naps On The Porch "Deck The Halls" tag. The support is absolutely outstanding, so far there are 418 links to other sites, so there are ALOT of other homes to visit. CRAAAAAZY! I don't have really any before pictures - I figured for some of you followers - you have already seen our little slice of solice and for those of you who are new, well .... I guess this gives you a chance to browse the site. *I have been super busy at work (yea) but it doesn't leave me too much time for pictures but I really wanted to participate, so that's why these were taken at night but with the flash you lose the beauty of the colors*   
Let's get started on the outside first!

I came home one day to this lovely site from My Very Special Mr *blushing*

Every night  light glows thru the bedroom windows
and it envelops me with love knowing that my family did this

This is where the waterfountain is
we have a humming bird that visits us everyday and drinks from that aweful water
but he won't drink from the feeder - hmmm curious

Our Patio
Yikes! My light bill!! LOL ^o^

A walk thru Candy Cane Lane

There is always one in the bunch that doesn't behave right  :p

Let's sit and enjoy this beautiful night

Our view when sitting at the swing
 Yikes! It's going to take foooooreeeverrrr to clean this up LOL

Our front door

I love, LoVe, Loooooove wreaths

My Mr strung my outdoor Dragonfly lights on the tree
it looks sooo pretty
*we bought the bells and ornaments at Michaels for less than .50/piece*

Now let's go inside!!!!
I've got TONS of treats for you!

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