Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Movies

I usually watch Christmas movies year round and these are a few of my family favorites *besides the old standbys of "It's a Wonderful Life", "Miracle on 34th St" and "Christmas Carol"* Please also remember that my "babies" are 19 and 20 and that some of these are not appropriate for the little kids. Enjoy!!
This is one of my favorite holiday movies. It is clever, sarcastic and absolutely witty. This 1994 film has Dennis Leary as a cat burglar hiding out at a bickering couple's (Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis) home just before his insane family come over for dinner. It is crazy funny - not really suitable for the little kids but your teens will looove it!  

I watch this movie ALL THE TIME!! This is a modern day version of "It's a Wonderful Life" it was made in 2000 and has Nicolas Cage who is a fast lane investment brokers living in NY in a posh apartment with a door-man, drives a sports car and wears high end clothes and wakes up to find out that he is now married to his college sweetheart (Tea` Leone), has two kids, lives in New Jersey (heavens forbid!), is on a bowling team *Gasp!* and is now a tire salesman! * Wait a minute - all my best friends are in the tire business... hmm maybe that's why I like this movie : D
This movie is Ben Affleck's best movie hands down! This 2004 movie is about a lonely millionaire who pays a middle class family to spend the holidays the him. James Gandolfini and Catherine O'Hara play the parents (whose marriage is in trouble) of Christina Applegate and Josh Zuckerman and as a unit these talented actors play so well off one another.
EVERYBODY who has seen this 2005 film understands why this movie made the list. You and your teen will laugh sooo hard! Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris are simply amazing! Reynolds plays a hot shot in the music industry, Amy Smart is his HS crush who is "just friends" with him and Faris is his pop star psycho girlfriend. Chris Klein plays his rival for the affections of Smart and Jill Hagerty plays his kooky mom. I can not describe how funny this movie is - you MUST watch it!
I looove this movie and I don't care who knows it! It is predictable and cheezy and absolutely perfect for a feel good holiday movie everyone can watch. This 2004 movie has tightwad Tim Allen and straight laced Jamie Lee Curtis playing the brokenhearted parents to Blair because she is leaving to Bolivia on the Peace Corp for a year. And since Christmas won't be the same without her, they decided to skip it and go on a cruise instead. Dan Aykroyd plays their holiday loving neighbor who finds this scrooge like behavior unacceptable. When Blair decides to come home for the holiday
chaos ensues.
No Christmas movie list would be complete without this wonderful 1965 movie featuring Charles Shultz's Peanuts characters. Repelled by the commercialism he sees around him, Charlie Brown tries to find the true meaning of Christmas. Lucy suggests that Chuck produces the school play and he accepts but frustration arise. I like the fact that with one ornament the tree bends down to the ground but the more stuff they put on it not only did the tree defy gravity by standing upright but also all laws of physics that a 3 branch tree turns into a full fledge fir. Which proves you can not have too many ornaments on a tree :D

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