Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fancy Lashes

Now that the new year (and it's parties) are here one of the items you are going to be using are false eyelashes. Nothing completes a look like a perfect pair of lashes and this little post will help you in two parts - one is how to apply and the other is how to clean to reuse.
A few items you will need are: lashes, glue - I like Duo Clear (according to type - stip for stip and individual for individual), toothpick or orange wood stick, small scissors, lash curler, tweezer and a mirror. Before you put on your lashes make sure your eye makeup is complete including, especially, without exception eyeliner *side note: you can do pencil or liquid under the lashes but only liquid should be on the lashes - pencil could pull or move the lashes once applied*  

CAREFULLY take your lashes out of the package and place on your eyes to measure length (DON'T put on glue yet!!). Place your mirror on the table *or look at a regular wall mirror and tilt back your head a bit*  If you are going to cut the lashes trim from the outer edge. Curl your natural lashes.

Squirt a dot of glue and use either toothpick/orangewood stick to spread the glue onto the lashes (apply alittle bit more on each corner for added adhesion). Let glue sit for about 30 seconds- until it gets tacky.

Hold lashes with your tweezers and apply as close to your lash line without actually putting the glue onto your lashes.Use the back of the tweezer to press the lashes to the skin. Allow to dry completely. You can apply mascara at this point to bond/fuse both your natural and false lashes together and apply extra liquid liner if you need to correct.

Picture Perfect :D
Angel is so funny - when she saw the camera she flew to me to get her picuture taken
To clean your lashes you will need are: soiled lashes, bottle of 91% alcohol, cotton ball, q-tip, bowl of warm soapy water and  towel.

Place your soiled lashes on a towl and wipe the lashes with an alcohol soaked cotton ball (to kill germs) and then wipe with the q-tip (start from the base to the tip) to loosen any mascara or glue.

Then put in a bowl of soapy water for about 5 - 10 mins. Take the lashes out and pat try and now the glue should just peel off the lashes.

Now that the lashes are nice and clean - pat dry. Put back in container to retain its shape.

Voila` your lashes are ready for next time.

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