Monday, March 15, 2010

Super Simple Skirt?

I have (had) this cute skirt that I absolutely LOVE and because I have worn it like a trillion times - the fabric has started to fray at the zipper seems. I don't mind telling you I just about cried. I was at the Wal-Mart and looking threw some patterns for this skirt when it donned on me to just use the original skirt as the pattern. So I got this fun print for $1.50 a yard (just in case it doesn't go well I didn't spend a fortune ;p) and I got 3 yards (again just in case I mess up). So far I have marked the skirt and have taken it apart. As far as the material - it has been washed, dried and ironed and ready to go. I am sooo excited to see how it is going to look. Wish me luck. No not luck - wish me .... perfect seems ;p

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