Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Movies Review

As I have said a few days ago - that on my dear Mr. and Mine's day off we have been watching movies since it has been raining. So here are a few movies we have watched and my opion on them *please watch them yourselves and send me your thoughts* I'm going to try not to give away any surprises or plots - so here  we go!

First I will start with "Holmes" - this one is still out on theatres and it is a decent enough movie to pass the afternoon with. I enjoy watching period movies (especially if they are not too gloomy) and this one was no exceptions. Robert DJ and Jude L . played really well off of each others styles -somewhat slapstick but tolerable- & I hope there will be another Holmes mystery with the two of them in it.

Next is "Shutter Island" (also still out in theaters) with the ever pleasing eye candy, Leonardo De Caprio. (Remember when he was on Growing Pains-aw the good 'ol days) Anyhow, do not shy away from this movie thinking it is a horror flick - it is a suspense movie. Think "Identity" with John Cusack or "The Others" with Nicole Kidman. (Both very good movies - they are my must watch list) The scenes are a little bit gloomy and people whisper a lot but it adds to the suspense, so you might want to rent the movie and have it on close caption so you don't miss anything. *It is a very easy movie to watch meaning it is a very predictable movie - Mr. and I had it figured out in 20mins flat*

OK - pay attention. I liked "All About Steve" - was it my favorite movie, well, no. But I did not hate it like a few others - "Tropic Thunder" , "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" & "Couples Retreat" to name a few disappointing movies. So I might be the only person in America that thinks that Sandra B did not deserve a Raspberry Award for it. Again not her best work but I don't think is was THAT bad. Cute flick, it has a whole "accept people for whom they are" kind of a vibe to it. Not as good as "Yesman" with Jim Carrey (which you must watch - you'll run out and learn a song) but it is tolerable.

The last (and the best movie) on this list is "John Adams" with Paul Giamatti (yes from "Sideways") and Laura Liney as John and Abigal Adams. This movie came in 3 discs and each disc was broken down to 2 or 3 segments each which were about 1 hour each - for the math that means that this movie is roughly 8 to 9 hours long but it is soooo worth it. It is so nicely told that you are not noticing that it is a long movie at all. It is funny, heartbreaking and tender all at the same time. It is just a great and moving story that everybody should watch.

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