Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lessons From Gilmore Girls ~ Books

Everyone knows my very obsessive love affair with Gilmore Girls and even though it has been 6 years since it has been off the air .. it has not diminished my affection for it. One of the things I look forward to doing with the grandbabies is sitting down and watching the show. And showing her all the things that makes Stars Hollow wonderful.

The first item of point is of course a love of books. And not just your average love of books but I am talking about being crazy obsessed - fully immersed - live and die - I have to have books under my bed because I own too many - kind of love for books.

The one great thing this program showed is that it is OK to carry books with you everywhere you go and not feel like a freak. Before GG - I thought I was the only one (well me and my oldest kid) no other program showed a smart, pretty, intellectual girl carrying books everywhere to enjoy the wonderful pleasure of reading. Actually I think before GG the only readers that were depicted were the weird poet who thinks the sun rises and sets around Kerouac or the antisocialist sitting under a tree reading The Bell Jar.

I do have to admit that even to this day I buy a purse that can accommodate a book (along with wallet and makeup bag). I even go around smelling the new books at stores (my kid has a thing about smelling the books at the library 'yup this person smoked' ) .. I know it's weird.  LOL  And I love to eat and read .. even while I am waiting for my food at a restaurant BAMM - book in hand. A busy day for me is a day when I don't read while eating lunch - I am not too sure what happened to whole month of July - actually I am not too sure what has happened to this year *_*

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library Yale University


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