Monday, May 5, 2014

Henry Turns 2 ..

This dog must the quirkiest pet I have EVER had the privilege of caring for. Don't get me wrong I adored Rio and her passing has never been forgotten nor has it diminished my love for her. Rio was a bit older - 5 yrs old - when we got her and already settled down, she had a wonderful personality and had such a kind and gentle spirit about her ~ she was truly a blessing to me.

But when we got Henry he was only 5 months old and had sooooo much puppy in him. His 'pound name' was Rabbit and there are times ... especially when he hops around like Tigger  ... when I think I should have kept that name. But on the drive down to the shelter I thought Eleanor ~ Ellie for short ~ would be a great name. Mr. quickly asked 'what if we get a boy?' So I sat and thought ... and sat and thought ... and sat and thought. I GOT IT!!!! How about Henry? Let me just say the looks that guys gave each other let me know that they are not the readers in the family. Princess understood right away that Henry James wrote 'The Turn of the Screw' and O. Henry wrote 'The Gift of the Magi' ... if you get some time this year, you should really add these two stories to your must read list. Right now Henry's newest little trick is that when I pick the tomatoes from the garden, he waits until my back is turned, he will sneak to the bowl and grab the small ones and runs out to the grass and eats it! What a tomato thief!!!! It is too cute to see him come around, he prances around as if he is so un-interested in what I am doing then he will get quiet and just simply walk behind me and without making a sound he nabs a sweet treat and runs to the grass as if he was chasing a bird. Apparently the dog doesn't know that I can count or he would have taken less. LOL  Lately I have been seeing him roaming around the tomato bed but I just figured he was chasing lizards or something but now I am thinking he might be figuring out how he can cut out the middle man. Silly dog. One of our concerns since he is still kinda young is how he will act around the grandbaby. But he has been so super cute with her ... sometimes he just lays and watches over her .. which is so sweet. Other times he waits for Mr to hand off the baby then he jumps up on him and starts to cuddle up around his neck .. too cute. But he will only do it to Mr. Gosh I can probably go on forever about Henry stories but I will spare you the torture =D

Happy Birthday Henry .. we are glad to have you as part of the Desert Dragonfly family.

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