Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Reading

I haven't read a book since December!! Really?! That can't be right!
Where did the time go?
Oh yeah .. sick with bronchitis end of Dec/early Jan,
new grandbaby in Jan, Princess sick in the hospital most of Feb,
new job in March and Mr knee surgery, Passover/Easter in April
(plus 2 birthdays - I haven't even sent out my birthday
 thank-you notes *.*) I know I am forgetting more events
but right now I just can't remember.
Now that spring is ending
*when the temp. starts to get into triple digits ..
spring is ending. I don't care what the calendar says*
and life seems to be settling down *kinda*
I am just itching to get back into my routine.
I have a project list a mile long and it is
seeming a tad bit overwhelming and I am not
sure where to begin. So starting with reading
 seems like a great place to begin and which author
did I pick? Well, Patterson of course silly.
'Gone' is the 6th book in the Michael Bennett
series and so far ... I am really enjoying it.

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