Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Relaxing Days

I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday ... no matter how brief ... was wonderful and recharging. This year we didn't get to go see our extended family *sadness* but we did get to spend a lovely day with the kids *smiles*. I love the excited chattering and laughing of people enjoying each others company but I what I enjoy more is the silence of loved ones around in complete contentment.

Enjoying our beautiful weather
Henry was super excited to have everybody together
Friday my wonderful Mr and I spent the ENTIRE day in bed
it was ... blissfully perfect
 Bob was enjoying the warmth of the day
Nothing like a quiet day ... aaahhhhh
..... And then came Henry
On Saturday ... Mr and I went on a rare treat ... Chinese food and a movie.
It has been a while since I went to the theater that the screen seemed giagantic to me =D
Lincoln was a really good movie. Dare I say maybe even Oscar worthy.
The actors, costumes, scenery were all outstanding. I did get a little lost in the
old language and the strategies of war but thank goodness I sat next to a
cute guy who is into the History Channel to help me through it.

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