Sunday, September 9, 2012

Milk and Honey Scrub/Mask

Now that summer is 'officially' over and the holiday season is fast approaching let us start repairing what we have damaged during our summer fun. Between the sun, salt, chlorine and sweat (yuck!) it is no wonder our skin seems dry, flaky and ... well ... not looking it's best. Here is a quick scrub/mask to help your skin recover and it is perfect for all skin types.

This scrub/mask needs only two ingredients ... honey and powder milk. Neither of these products need to be organic and both can even be bought at the dollar store (yes ... I DO love my dollar store). Add about 1/4 cup of powder milk (less if only doing your face) in a bowl and stir in enough honey for the mixture to be thick but not runny. The honey will melt a bit with the heat of your skin. After washing your face (perferrably with a mild cleanser) you will apply the scrub/mask either with your fingers or a mask brush (I love using the ELF foundation brush that I got at Target for $1) on your face, neck and decolletage (upper chest area ... the area that shows when you wear a V neck shirt). Massage for about a minute with your fingers and then laydown and rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Another quick massage, then wipe with a moist warm wash cloth. Rinse your skin THREE times and on the third time you will say 'I am beautiful' (cuz you are) and if you don't say it ... you can't hear it and if you can't hear it ... how will you ever believe it is true? Pat skin dry and moisturize. And now you can enjoy you new healthy skin. You can even do this mask weekly through out the holiday season to keep you looking your best.

Why does this simple scrub/mask work? Milk has Lactic Acid and this acid is part of the Alpha-Hydroxy family. It improves skin texture by exfoliating dead surface cells (that flaky dry skin) and helps promote collegan growth (helps smooth fine lines and scars). No wonder Cleopatra bathed in this stuff =D This is to be one of the more gentle of the Alpha-Hydroxy Acids and it is able to used on Acne and Rosacea. Also, since the dry milk has no harsh corner like an apricot scrub (DON'T USE APRICOT SCRUBS ON YOUR FACE .... EVERRRRRR!!!!!) it won't scratch and cause lesions. And with Acne, it means that bacteria won't spread. Also, in regards to Acne, you really want to use something to help hydrate your skin rather that constantly using products to dry out the skin, which in turns causes your skin to protect itself and hyper-produce more oil, which in turns causes more breakouts, then you use more drying products which drys out the skin ..... you see the vicious cycle here? You want to soak up oil by using SOME drying products and keep the hydration so that the skin doesn't freak out. Now ... on to honey. Honey is antimicrobial and is a natural antioxidant. Code for it inhibits bacterial growth and blocks cell break down. That is why it can be used for wound care, like a cut or scratch. Again great for everyone, especially those with Acne and Rosacea.

ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN!! IF you are allergic to either one of these ingredients ... please don't do it. If you notice any discomfort, rinse immediatly!

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