Monday, September 17, 2012

Baby Things

Sorry for my brief absence but I was trying to make some baby things so that when my husband went up to Denver to see family, he could take the gifts along with him.

First ... I made a super cute teddy bear but I guess I didn't take a picture. *tears* It is pattern number E2115 from Simplicity's It So Easy.  It was ALOT easier to piece together when I was following the instructions *giggles* I didn't want to use any fuzzy material or use buttons since it will be with the baby during the teething stage. I was going to embroider the face but Mr. thought the bear looked fine without the features. I did put alittle bit of lavender buds in the belly with its stuffing which might not be the best idea being it might not be able to go into the wash but it can be spot cleaned.  Overall it was an easy enough pattern that I am seriously thinking that the bear needs a sibling or two =D

Second ... I crocheted a super cute baby blanket, which I also didn't take a picture of. *o* It is similar to the one I made above. I love poly yarn just for the durability factor, it will be able to be washed, dragged, washed, drooled, washed ... well you get the point ... for a very long time. The brand I chose is Caron Simply Soft and the color is Bone. When I started the blanket we didn't know the gender of the baby and I didn't want to go blue, yellow or green and the next color that would be neutral is cream. So cream it was. It is a realatively easy small shell pattern.
Last but not at all least is this super cute knit sweater. When the kids were little ... I tried to knit. Read ... re-read ... re-re-read and got soooooo fusterated I put down the knitting needles (actually I gave them away) until I found this book Baby Knits For Beginners at the library and I thought I would give it another go. With book in tow and this new site called Youtube *wink* I sat down and knitted this pretty sweater. Yes ... it is pretty but it is far from perfect ... I never thought I would get done in time ... I think I did more undoing a row than knitting but at 1am the moring my sweet Mr was leaving (he was leaving at 5am) I got done piecing it together. I was a zombie at work (and a tad-bit moody too) but I got it done. It is also made with the Caron Simply Soft in Grey Heather. I really liked this book ... there are a few more patterns I want to do and I will keep you posted.

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