Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 7 ... Room 7

WOW! This room proved to be the challenge I thought it would be *_* It took me TWO WEEKS! I had things in the back of the cabinets I totally forgot about. Not food wise, just appliances and just general kitchen gadgets that I haven't used. So I packed up a box of items for the thrift store - which always makes me feel relieved. I don't have family nearby to gift items to - except the kids but there places are small and I don't want to clutter their home with useless items that they won't use. What to do with all those plastic tumblers that get accumulated ... easy I took them to work. I can always use them there - since I don't like using Styrofoam cups and I am the one doing dishes anyhow ... it isn't a problem. Thank goodness my work isn't filled with snobs who won't allow me to used last years movie lover cups (you know those refillable cups you get at the movies). I have so many uncompleted plastic containers that I will utilize in other rooms or as seedling containers in the fall. I forgot to take before and after pictures of this room. Sometimes I am just a cotton-headed ninny muggings `o` I will try to include it in a different set of photos (that's if the room isn't going to get messed up between now and then.

This room - like the front entry way - lands in the Career section. It is quite large for a kitchen and it has tons of cabinets. Like I wrote above - I just have forgotten items in them - like birthday banners and décor - that I KNOW I am not going to use them anytime soon. I do need to rethink my pantry to make it more efficient - maybe hooks or door hangers. And I have a baking section which also is going to need some reorganization - I can't quite reach the top shelf and stuff gets behind there and I can't see them .. hmmm. The colors here is to be dark blue or black - right now I have a burgundy color on the tile trim (like on the bar that is between the living room and kitchen) so maybe the blue will be best. I am not too sure how I feel of black in the kitchen - even though I have black stools for the island - somehow black makes me think of all the burnt foods I have prepared - LOL.

Alright, I think the next room will be the laundry room. It is in some need of attention - it isn't bad just needs a little organizing. I need an easy room after that kitchen disaster - putting me a bit behind *_* But that is what I get for being a clutter bug.


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