Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 6 ~ Room 6

This week was a super crazy week for me so all I really did was just dust and straightened up. I just cleaned the fish tank last week and I need to clean out the bird cage this week. So there won't be anything extraordinarily different about this room as far as design but oh well - the point right now is just to clean it.

Before~not bad ... just messy
 After .. nice and fresh

This room falls in the Fame/Reputation section (just like the living room) I seem to have a lot of black elements here ~ light fixture, vase, both the fish and bird stands and all the picture frames are black. I do have my pets in this area so that should help and I sometimes do keep candles on the table but I might need to add some more elements ~ red runner or candles, maybe a vase with red flowers or a red plant here (this room has some light but not a lot) hmmm I need to think this through.
Well this coming week is a bit slower, which is a blessing being that this weeks room is the dreaded kitchen *o* Which, like the front door and patio, falls in the career section. This room is going to be the biggest hassle ~ I have left over b/day party items (I think the last time I decorated and strung up the house with b/day ribbons was for My Prince's 18th b/day .... 2 1/2 years ago!!), and food items that we didn't like or haven't eaten when we switch our diets or a holiday passes and let's not get started on the amount of containers without lids (no matter how often I go through and match things up - I always end up with all these lids without bottoms *_* it is crazy) OK enough venting or I'm going to talk myself out of cleaning this room. The challenge for me this week is to go through the kitchen a bit at a time so I don't spend my whole weekend cleaning.

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