Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In The Navy

That is it!! This morning at 4:30 a stranger from
 the government came to my home and took my son to
 meet his future (he is going to be a 'master of arms').
I have some conflicting emotions .... mind you I freaked
 out when the kid started kindergarten and he was able
to come home at noon! We have been marking this day
off for months and now that it is here I feel .... unprepared.
Like I didn't get to tell him so much ~ a firm handshake
goes a long way or there is a difference between doing
 your best and being a show off. NOBODY likes a
show off!!I remember the last part of GG of the finale
(which he used to watch it with me all the time)

Truth be known - I am having a hard time writting this
 post. My mind is wandering and I can't stay focused. I keep
thinking things like: It is raining and cold where he is going ...
I hope he doesn't get sick,I remember him sitting on the
 couch ... sucking his fingers and watching cartoons or the way
he was always up to try new things.I wonder (dreaming)
 how this change in his life will lead to a more disciplined
adult ... to a better police officer ... which will help him
 be a good provider for his family ... maybe a little league couch
 with the other officer dads.*Sigh* Somehow I feel this is different
from when he left before ~ maybe because it shows focus
 and commitment which means maturity and that means my
 boy is growing up into the man I always knew he was going to be.
May God continue to bless all his footsteps.

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