Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nice Weather Is Here ... YEEEAAAA!!!!

I miss the snow - however I don't miss driving in it, shoes getting wet (frozen toesies are not fun) or not being able to sleep because I was shivering to death. But the weather here has FINNNALLLY broken 100* YEEEAAAAAAAAAA I am soooooo excited - I feel so happy. I HATE the heat (I am only here for work NOT because I like the desert) no not 'hate' - DETEST, DESPISE and LOATHE are closer to the words. But right now it is 65* and partly cloudy - with a high of 88*. *SIGH*  And I LOVE the month of October - the colors (gold and amber - fall scenery is even on all my backgrounds and screensavers), the pumpkin patch, the fair (it's a month long-we usually don't go since I don't like rides but I want to lose my money and eat "fried" foods and Billy Idol is playing this year - HECK YEA I'm going!) and the best reason to love October ...... our anniversary. This Friday will be 17 years that we have been together as a family and today is our daughter's (with us the lines are blurred on the whole 'step' thing - we don't use the word to describe each other) birthday and she turns 20! That's it! Mr and I are now officially parents to 'adult' children (21, 20 and20) Yikes - when did that happen! I have to go and get ready for work now but I will post really soon. Have a safe day everyone!

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