Monday, May 16, 2011

A Better Us Challenge #3

First, I am not afraid to tell you that my second week challenge blew BIG TIME! I couldn't get myself or the family motivated to be without our electronic devices. Maybe I will pick it up again in a few weeks. I truely hope that everyone else was able to bond with those that mean the most to them. So I am going to make this week's challenge more of a one woman show.

Challenge #3 - A little prayer through out the day for the safety of your loved ones. And if you want to exend it beyond family and friends, you can also add all those who are suffering that you may not know.Whatever you say, to whomever you are saying it for - it needs to be 100% heartfelt.

This little challenge came via a super cool song Say A Little Prayer, I know it is silly but I really like that song. So from " the moment I wake up" until I lay my head on the pillow "I will say a little prayer" for safety, protection, wisdon, health, courage or whatever else I think they need - this will keep me (us) connected with those we care about through out the day. See I told you it was easy. Now if you wish to extend it beyond yourself then you can also add people you don't know - for instance those who are suffering from natural or man made disasters. Now I am not talking about full fledge down on both knees long winded prayers, I am talking about sweet to the point silent ones - as your kids get out of the car on their way to school a little "Lord protect them and keep them safe", and while you are eating your lunch a simple "God help the children make wise decisions" and when they said their goodnights to you a quiet "Heavenly Father thank you for watching over them today" is all that is needed. Sometimes we are too busy with our own lives to remember to do it for ourselves, so this is my way of asking Our Heavenly Father to watch out for my loved ones and for me to keep connected with everyone. See you next week.

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