Saturday, March 8, 2014

6 Weeks Left .. The Den

I spy a Christmas book - do you?

That is an old map of the Panama Canal ~ my birth place

These are from our Pearl Harbor trip ~ what a great time

By far this was the easiest room to clean but for goodness sake it took FORRREVVVERRR to dust *.*  I kept hollering at Mr. (who was in the other room) 'who's was the brainiac who came up with a whole wall unit .... oh yea that's me' -- all you heard was 'sorry honey' but the translation was more like 'I told you so' ... something that no wife likes to hear `.`

This room is my sweet Mr.'s office/music room ... which, like all the other rooms, isn't quite done. We still need to get an organizing system together - maybe something over the computer like a white board or a calendar - he is still getting the feel of the room but I think he might need a bill holder instead. I am going to see about getting a mirror or something reflective above his desk because we all know that you shouldn't have your back to the door and this room has 2. The desk Mr. and Prince built as part of Prince's bedroom set - I love the size but not the color ... trying to convince Mr. to re-stain it a darker color - only time will tell. The shelf units, green boxes on the shelves, wicker baskets, the beige box on top of the shelves and picture the frames are from Ikea --- my second favorite store in the whole wide world. I did see a tan and black faux leather chair (gosh I hope it's faux) at Ikea that would work great here but I am still debating on that.

This room is partly in the helpful people/travel and the career sections of the bagua. So it makes sense that I decorate the den mostly with the helpful people/travel elements. The colors here are black, grey and white and the element is metal. The little decorations are easy here ... picture of our travels, little nick nacks from those trips, pictures and momentos of family and the map. I didn't have anything really that I didn't really like or loved in this room ... well maybe except the old black stools and they will be going away when I find a chair that will work for Mr. when he plays his guitars.

The idea of this room is to bring the helpfulness and kindness of people - whether friends or strangers - you can add Angels or a picture of Jesus ... basically anything spiritual that you feel would help you bring kind strangers to assist you. Also if you use this room as your 'work office' then try to honor your mentors here - business cards or a picture of the two of you. This is the travel section so add posters or brochures of places you want to visit - then when you went change the poster to someplace else and hang the pictures of your travels. Or a world map and 'pin' where you have been. Try not to have too many bare walls - this would make  you feel like you have either no choice but to stay where you are or you have no dreams or aspirations. If you don't like to travel but say you rock climb - then find posters or pictures of places you want to go or have been. Or of a picture of your favorite mountain or scenic view. This room is very personal ... it is your dream room - fill it!

Of course my Girls would be front and center

little travel trinkets - tiki from Hawaii and hippo from San Diego
I remember listening to my mom's jewelry box as a kid
Prince 'painted' the little pot as a mother's day gift
my father's scent was old spice and inside I keep a few of his items
harmonica that Prince used to play
little treasure box that belongs to Mr.
farthest picture is of the kids


what the den looked like before ~ I LOVE the changes


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