Monday, June 18, 2012

New Name ... Same Great Place!!!

I have been thinking that my blog name is too long so I am wanting to change the name from 'Dragonfly On My Finger' to something simple but I haven't thought of an alternate name that suited me. I knew I wanted to keep "Dragonfly" in the title ~ I love dragonflies and it is also a small nod to my beloved Gilmore Girls (yes I'm still on that show!) ~ I was thinking of names like Cerulean Dragonfly (taken), Blue Dragonfly (taken) ....  I have come up with two names ~ Fiery Dragonfly and Desert Dragonfly. Fiery .... Desert .... Fiery .... Desert .... I am a bit Fiery which I am trying to work on but I like to think of it as passionate (Passionate Dragonfly is also available - man ... now there are three names to pick from ... boy this hard). I do live in the desert so Desert Dragonfly makes sense. So Desert Dragonfly it is!

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