Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Book Down and Another Book Up

I have been sooo bad and forgot to let you know that I have finally gotten done with Patterson's 'Cross Country' ~ it never fails when I get to the last 1/4 of the book ... I can't put it down. No .... really!! I read it everrrrywherrrrre ... and I do mean everrryyywherrre =D  I'm the weirdo who doesn't look up when she walks .. reads... walks ... hmmm .... read walking? Well anyhow ... either way I'm that weirdo *giggles* I liked this book ... I won't say it is one of my favorites but it is a good read ... I think a guy would like it more being that it is very action packed and *SPOILER  ALERT* Alex kept getting the crap kicked out of him. I think that a guy would appreciate it better.

With that said ~ my Mr and I watched The Hunger Games (not a bad movie) and when we were out shopping he got me the book.  I am excited to read it ~ to get a better understanding of the movie. I know that some people are like my daughter and won't watch a movie until they have read the book ... but then she spends the entire time afterards complaining about how they left things out and how much better the book is. I don't worry about that ... the movie is my guide to help me visualize things ... especially in the sci-fi realm. I have had several people tell me it is a good book series (not too sure if I will read all three) but it is sad ... so I am not too sure what to make of it ... I'll let you know.

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