Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July USA!! Here in Phoenix, even though it is somewhat cloudy, the high today is to reach 103* *YIKES* My Mr and myself forgoed leaving town in lue of finishing our laundry room - so now what are people like ourselves to do? We can go to Tempe to view the fireworks - only 50,000 people are excepted to  attend! Hmmm I don't think so. I know! Let's watch history (well Hollywood's version)!  Movie and a burger - heck yea!! Here is a quick run through of some pics to pick.

This 2000 movie is one of my favorite Civil War movies - I watch it threw out the year. It is set in  1776 in colonial South Carolina. Benjamin Martin, (Mel G) a French-Indian war hero who now wants nothing more then to live peacefully on his small plantation, and wants no part of a war with Great Britain.  Like all kids, his two older sons, Gabriel and Thomas, can't wait to enlist in the newly formed "Continental Army." When South Carolina decides to join the rebellion Gabriel (Heath L) immediately signs up to fight without his father's permission. But when British Colonel William Tavington,  known for his brutal tactics, comes through and burned his plantation ends up *spoil alert* kills one of his young sons. Benjamin quickly finds himself torn between protecting his family, and seeking revenge along with being a huge part of a militia group.
If you can remember I really like this movie. It is cleverly written and wonderfully acted.
 haven't gotten to see "The Crossing" yet to know how good it is but it is a dramatization of George Washington's (Jeff Daniels) crossing the Delaware River and attacking the British forces at Trenton. I guess the  friction between General Washington and General Gates portrayed in the film was very real. In fact, Gates was allegedly involved in a conspiracy known as The Conway Cabal, a plot to oust George Washington as Commander-in-Chief in 1778 and replace him with himself. Gates' name surfaced again in the Newburgh Conspiracy, another plot to oust Washington in 1783. See people who say US history is boring are just dumb!

However you decide to spend your 4th of July do so with love, laughter an safely.

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