Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy 20th Jonathon!!

It is official - I am no longer a parent to teenage children. My youngest turned 20 at 6:50am today  *o* I am ok with the kids growing up and moved on (I have dreamed of the day when they would meet "the one", get married, have children and live a blissful life) but to say to people "Yes, I have 2 children one is 20 and the other is 21" just seems ..... weird.  Besides, people can do math - how can I be 30 if my youngest is 20 ... maybe I'll tell people I am 36  =D

  I can remember ...
... how great it was when you started sleeping through
the night at 3mths
.... reading books before bed
 'I know a place, I know it by heart .... home'
... this was about how it was when it was
time for reading - fav subjects was math/science

Events going on in 1991
Some really great movies came out this year: Silence of the Lambs, JFK, Hook, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Some tv shows that are still fresh in our memories premiered in 1991: Blossom in Jan (Joey L was too cute) , Rugrats in Aug, Clarissa explains it all in March,  and Home Improvement in September - which had  EEEEvverbody grunting.

The TGIF line up on ABC was Family Matters, Step by Step, Perfect Strangers, Baby Talk and 20/20.

See ... great things came out of 1991 but you are my absolute favorite.

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