Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Event In Parenthood With Mike And Molly

Now that is a title!! But in those three titles lies three of our fabulous GG characters.
"The Event" has our hunky Scott Patterson (Luke Danes) as a pilot whose daughter was kidnapped. This show is like if the "X-files" and "Heroes" (which had our unresistable Milo Ventimiglia who played Jess) had a love child - the resemblance to "Heroes" is so obvious it is almost creepy and both are from NBC. I mean why remake something - the "Heroes" plot could have ran in this direction instead they created a whole new show - weirdness :}  So far this show is very predictable and I'm still not sure where the writers are taking the plot but atleast for now Scott is receiving a paycheck ;p
 *side note: this show also has Jason Ritter - John Ritter's son - ever since John's unexpected passing I have been rooting for Jason - may he have a wonderfully blessed life too*
"Parenthood" has the Coolest TV Moms eeevvverrrrr - Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore). This dramedy is loosely based on the Steve Martin's 1989 movie also named "Parenthood" but it has a bit more of a realistic flare - like the Asperger storyline. Not only has Lauren snagged a (so far) successful show but also a main squeeze - she is dating her on-screen brother Peter Krause - which they actually met 15 years ago and he asked her over to play board games and when they ended up only playing playing board games she thought he wasn't romantically interested in her (for us GG fans this reminds me of the episode "That Damn Donna Reed" where Lor calls Luke to come over and help look for Stella the baby chick) *Doesn't she look absolutely AMAZING!*
"Mike and Molly" has my favorite Sookie St. James- Melissa McCarthy (no offense to Alex Borstein, for those who didn't know was Amy S-P 1st choice for Sookie but ended up playing Drella instead due to contract issues). She was also in "Samantha Who" with the ever so fabulous Christina Applegate and "7th Heaven" cutie Barry Watson - and I loved them all in that show ... too bad it got the boot. This show is about what happens when two people meet and begin that wonderful journey of falling in love. *sigh*  The premiss is regardless of ones size everyone should find a wonderful person who brings out the best in them and whom they can share their life with. It isn't a life changing show but it is engaging and fun to watch.
It does appear that the men of GG are doing better in the steady employment department.
Jared Padelecki (Dean Forester) is still doing "Supernatural" which is going on the 5th Season I believe - CONGRATS JARED!
Matt Czuchry (Logan Huntzberger) has joined the cast of "The Good Wife".
Jackson Douglas (Jackson Belleville) is still lending out his voice for "Family Guy". I would have loooved to be married to Jackson - what can I say I have a thing for flannel *giggles*
Todd Lowe (Zack Van Gerbig) is on the popular show "True Blood" which is in its 4th season. Snaps to Todd!! *Snap-Snap* Also Todd is in the band 'The Pilbilly Knights' but goes by Randy Buth - some described it as kinda like 'Willy Nelson' meets 'The Velvet Underground' **funny since on GG Lane scored a barely cohearent Nico with the Underground when she went to Sole to visit family** NOTE: Dakin Matthews (Headmaster Charleston) makes appearances in "True Blood" as Dr. Robideaux.   
Danny Strong (Doyle McMaster) has joined the cast of "Mad Men". I can't wait to see how his character develops. Also Danny is a super talented screenwriter - he wrote the 2008 movie "Recount" which has TONS of top names. I remember Danny when he was on "Buffy" and he was soo great on GG as Paris's other half. I'm so happy he is doing well. I really like retro & Noir films - "Third Man", "The Defiant Ones", "Niagra" to name a few - what I mostly enjoy is when the seedy underbelly of the 40's, 50's and 60's is exposed - sometimes the good ole days weren't all THAT good.

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