Sunday, February 19, 2017


Ever since picking up the Mysterious Benedict Society book a year or so back .. I have made it a habit to peak into the kids section of the Library just to see what they had. To be honest I have been thinking about picking up Harry Potter this year but then I past this little treasure.

Wonder by RJ Palacio is a sweet story about a 10 year old boy - Auggie - who was born with a facial abnormality and his (and his parents) decision to pursue going to a traditional school. Up until now he has been homeschool due to his various and extensive surgeries. All his experiences are captured .. who he meets, how he meets them, how he feels and the ups and downs of being around so many people when all he wants to be is invisible. Each chapter is at the view point of a different character - Auggie, his sister, some friends - each with their own view point of events and how they see and feel about Auggie.

Like I said it is a sweet story but one with a deep and emotional theme.

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