Saturday, January 14, 2017

Back to Back Cross

I am sorry for being gone. I hope everyone's holiday was wonderful. I ended and started the year with my main book man Alex Cross. I did have such a hard time with the ending of Cross Justice than with Merry Christmas .. to the point that I might need a small break from his books.

I ended the year with the appropriately named Merry Christmas Alex Cross - still staying with his signature dual stories [ which could have turned into 2 books within themselves ] Alex and his family eagerly anticipate a wonderful Christmas holiday together when he gets a call about a situation where an bankrupt addict lawyer who lost everything ..his dignity, prestigious career and enviable life .. takes his ex-wife, their young children and her new husband [a family friend] hostage at their home on this blizzardy Christmas Eve. Through out the day he keeps battling this man to release his family while his own family is pressing him hard to come home for Christmas. I did get really annoyed that his family was making him feel like what he is doing is wrong .. as if he is hanging out at the bar with his friends and not with them at home on Christmas ... THE MAN IS WORKING ON SAVING LIVES!! GEEEEZZ! Just when he thinks he can spend a well deserve Christmas Day with his family .. he gets a second call when face recognition spotted a female terrorist on the Metro. He gets to the Metro and she disappears .. exits are blocked and everyone is trapped. But who is the hunter and who is the hunted .. only one gets out to enjoy a few moments of what is left of Christmas Day. If you like action .. then his is definitely the book for you since it has it all .. kidnapping, hostages, shooting, bombs, running and more running .. always fighting against time.

Then I started the year with Cross Justice and read this book in 11 days .. which to me is some kind of record. I just couldn't put it down .. I needed to know the 'who done it' but I will tell you that when I found out who the killer was I was disturbed [ still am to some degree I guess ]. This book is more emotional and psychological than the jam packed action from above. Alex has a meeting with his past and so does Nana. He returns to his home town after being away for over 30 years. The type of small town that swallows you up and keeps you from becoming anything great. The kind of small town that the sins of the father are passed to the child and it is unshakeable. The only way to break it is to get out --- leave and never go back. Alex's cousin is accused of a horrible crime and Alex comes to help in a way that only Alex can. You don't know who to trust -- in a town where everyone could have a motive ... including the cousin. The second link to his past leads him to sunny Florida .. where a serial killer is proving to be very cunning. Lots of plot twists and turns that are lead by anger, jealousy, ugliness and fear. After this one though I think I am going to have to read something a little .. less thriller-ish.

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