Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Year In the Life

I know that this post is a little late. I was so bummed when I found out that I had to work the day the show came out - so I didn't get to watch until the weekend. Made plans for my Mister to be occupied so that I wouldn't feel bad about ditching him. I laid out my snacks .. sat in the center of the couch with my fluffiest blanket and stared excitedly at my TV. I [like many fans] enjoy rewatching the old shows and everyone having their favorite seasons [mine are 1 and 3]. But I am so disappointed I can not get myself to rewatch this one. 


Uhmmm .... what was that? No really .. what was that? I thought it would be a peek into their lives 9 years later. Something witty and sad without Edward. Instead it seemed that the main characters lives stood still and it picked up right after season 7. Which would have been fine but timelines don't match up. It is like only half the cast actually lived a life in 9 years and the other half were just existing. It was weird to say the least.

Luke and Lorelai .. really after 9 years together there has been no mention of marriage or children. How is that possible?!? I would have been okay with missing out on the wedding or even the birth of Lorelai III to have a decent story .. like her starting school or perhaps her and Luke couldn't have children and this is Rory's daughter starting kindergarten. With Lane's and Sookie's kids showing her the ropes with a 'don't worry I gotcha kid' story. That would have been sweet. Or a huge scene about picking out school supplies and getting to school early especially on the first day of school because nobody wants to be labeled 'the late kid'.

Instead we end up with just about everyone's lives shattered .. divorcing, cheating, feeling incompetent, running away, and going to retreats? .. Really ??? .. Is this a thing now? I am all for 'finding yourself' but do you know what you find out when you are all alone in the woods? That you are all alone in the woods .. nothing usually changes. Or you realized just how much you either hate or love nature .. which you probably knew before you left. Was anybody else confused about the pool scene? Seven years and not once did anyone say .. hey if anyone needs me I will be at the pool .. just weird.

I didn't mind Rory coming back to live but she seemed defeated instead of uncertainly confident. We should have seen Logan a mile away .. she was the same way with Dean. It didn't matter that they were in committed relationships .. disappointed with both of them.

The best part of this whole event is Emily. Her story line was sad and tender .. I can not imagine loosing my Mister but I know I would be shattered. But she didn't have to go to a spa or a retreat to find herself and boy was she lost. She whittled [with the help of KonMari] her life .. clothes, possessions, then her DAR friends .. to find her own voice .. her own self. Without Richard .. she was no longer obligated to carry the status of being Mrs. Richard Gilmore and all the grand pageantry that went with it. The DAR scene was epic and I liked the glisten in her eye when she was telling the whaling story at the museum tour. Did anyone else catch that her new maid Berta was Gypsy?

So sad for Paris and Doyle and their little family. Michel has a family which we didn't see but he is going to move on? He was always a big fish in a small town .. sad that he was leaving but he should have done it sooner. He liked the large city .. the theater, the nightlife, the prestige .. but still if Sookie was not wanting to be tied to the BnB Lorelai should have bought her out and made him a larger part of the business. What ever happened to the spa idea? Why didn't something happen with that? Emily and Lorelai talked about it on the final episode and what nothing was ever brought up again. So bizarre. Did anyone else find it weird that Sookie made the wedding cake but wasn't at the late-night surprise ceremony? I understand that Melissa was more than likely not there during the shooting of the scene but couldn't it have been reshot? Heck .. I might have been okay with a CGI Sookie standing next to Michel.

Then there is the ending. Does this mean that we have a possibility of another Year in the Life? Please tell me we do .. if anything just so we can correct all that went wrong.

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