Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Whenever I move house the first things I do is establish the locations of the essentials:: banks, grocery stores, coffee houses, movie theaters, nearest route to IKEA (I do love IKEA .. LOL) and also the nearest libraries. Yes I still go .. I can not fathom a life without the library .. I have heard people say that they haven't gone in X amount of time and I can not imagine a life that would include me not going to the library. I just can't .. it seems weird to me. I just like how in a world of electronic devices where Google reigns supreme there is still a place where slowing down and reading in quiet is embraced. This newest one is pretty cool .. it might not be as large as my old one but it is next to a HUGE kids' park and inside the kids' zone is a small play area for the tots. One afternoon we took our Grand Angel and she had a blast .. she has such a great imagination .. it is so awesome to watch her play. When I was walking around looking for books for her this little treasure caught my eye. I know what you are thinking .. a kid's book! But the sheer size of is what I first noticed .. it is 484 pages .. my first thought is any book that can keep a kid's interest for that long has to be pretty cool. I opened it up and read ''Miss Perumal sat across the table from him, but Reynie, who had no trouble reading upside down, quickly scanned the advertisement's bold-printed words? "ARE YOU A GIFTED CHILD LOOKING FOR SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES?'' ADVERTISEMENTS! OPPORTUNITES!! 484 PAGES WITH SMALL LETTERS!!!  This doesn't seem like a kiddies book ... it might be worth trying. Well I will let you know in a month if my first instinct was right. 

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