Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Surving The Holidays

The End of Dinner by J. Grun

I have been speaking to a few people and they are already going crazy - they keep mentioning things like I'm never going to lose weight before the Christmas party and relatives are coming and I have to organize the house and the only response I have for them is - Are you crazy - have you really lost your minds? The holidays are not the time to lose weight you will never win and as far a organizing - you can not clutter free a house AND have it fully decorated for Christmas at the same time. BUT what you can do is survive.

Let's start with diet. Yes the holidays does seem to have its plethora of high fats party platters - so going on a diet or tying to lose weight between Thanksgiving and New Years is just rediculous. What you can do is maintain - YES MAINTAIN - even if you do need to lose some extra pounds (that should have already been done by now) A healthy diet of mainly grains, vegetables and fruits will help you not only maintain your weight but also keep you healthy - between stress, the weather and being around other people with cooties, your immune system is going to get weakened. People put ridiculous pressure on themselves to "look" a certain way for their family, friends, collegues .... wait aren't those the same people you see almost every single day? They don't hang around you because of your size - STOP IMPRESSING THEM! THEY LIKE YOU OR THEY WOULDN'T BE YOUR FRIENDS! I am not saying don't loose weight - I am saying that watch what you eat now and pick up the diet after the new year.

Clutter ..... where do I start. If you are like me you have a tree fully decorated, figurines evvveryyywhere, stocking for everybody - including the pets, garland on everything and wreaths on walls and doors ..... why on God's green earth do you want to start unloading items from closets, drawers, sheds and garages?  *o*  Again ... you will go insssaaane if you try!  Just keep couches, tables and counters clutter free and the bathrooms and floors clean and you will be ready for company. Save all the decluttering for the new year - it will be a new year resolution that will actually be kept.

So now go do what you are truely wanting to do this season .... enjoy your time with your loved ones. Be safe ... talk soon.

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