Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What A Cutie!

A few months ago I've had TWO people I know have babies and TWO more are almost ready *YEA* and *YIKES* - So I did not know what to get them - maybe receiving blankets/onesies pack *nah* everrrryone is going to buy those - oooh how about  gift card *nah* too generic - hmmm how about car seats *nah* too 'big ticket item' for me [love you guys but .... no] So back to thinking.  I came across these patterns at where else ... Walmart. Don't make faces - I like my Walmart. Well except for the unhelpful/unhappy workers and the overly agressive crowds my Walmart is perfect  *o*  Anyhow ....  they were marking down the patterns 50% off  because they were bringing in new patterns - so I bought 3 new patterns: I thought these totes will come in handy (as if I don't have enough bags), I have a hard time finding tops that give me enough coverage [not all of us can pull off the tramp look] so I thought that these blouses had possiblilities, and the last one are baby clothes [NO that is not an announcement - but it never hurts to be prepared - always a mama never a GRANDmama ] So into my room I went looking for material that will be suitable [cute and light since it's still a bit warm here *tears*] and I had left over material from the blue skirt I made 2 Mays ago *wow how time flies*  And this is what I came up with - super cute and somewhat easy - I added bias tap around the neck and arm holes to make it a bit sturdier and also used it as hem tape to finish the end.


I wonder what the next projects are going to be *hmmmm*

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  1. So super sweet! I love the fabric and that pattern is just perfect! (The baby doesn't hurt the cuteness either. . . :) )