Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here it is! The finished laundry room – yeeeaaaa! I still am wanting to do something about decorating – which I am having a bit of a problem finding what I like that others don’t have (ei “wash” or “laundry” plaques) Owning something that a trillion other people have doesn’t say “unique” to me. I also am wanting a folding table and am leaning towards having Mr. make me a cart like this one from Ikea - then I can use it for my gardening too.  Anyhow back to the room – we used Navaho Sand by Glidden on the walls and Ultra White base for the boards and cabinets (which were a horrendous pain – NOT at all as easy as people make it out to be!) You should have seen the HUGE stack of paint squares of green, blues, yellow and tans – I adore greens, blues and yellows – tan NOT so much – so we picked a tan with a yellow undertone (almost peachy).  The problem I have with tan is picking one that doesn’t have a purple undertone (most do) – I don’t mind so much the ones with the green (which is what I am thinking of changing it to for the great room but I might lose that battle *giggles* The floors are the new floating floors called Allure – these are the ones that stick together rather than snap - which went down like a breeze and it has been a dream so far – I wanted the look of tile but better up keep and if (let's be real ... when) I change my mind I can do it in a flash!!
Here is the before - the hodge podge room - I have used this place as the 'catch all room' for a very long time, so we thought that this little neglected room needed our attention so that it can be used more efficiently.
Here it is all cleared out and molding being removed WHAT A RECK!!  *o*  Deep breath *inhale-exhale* It's not going to stay like this forever - I think
EVERYYYYTHING is primmed and waiting for paint - then flooring and then molding. Repeat "it is all worth it - it is all worth it"

Ok ... here is the after. Sorry the pictures are not better - I had to use my phone since              my beloved camera died *o*
 Everything looks so pretty and clean. This is where I want to put the cart and above it a wall mounted drying rack. But I'm still figuring it out.

We even found this great light fixture for only $10 at Home Depot AND it matches the rest of house. 

Here you can see the floor better - we even painted the metal shelves (which are NOT staying - it's temporary) so that it looks tied together. The molding came out GREAT!!! My sweet Mr. did such a fantastic job on this room! I can't wait to start on the rest of the house.

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